A Prayer Pilgrimage around the Parish of Central Exeter



‘Come ye yourselves apart and rest awhile’
These words over the door into St Stephen’s church have invited people over the centuries to step aside from their activities, to be still and rest, opening their minds and hearts to the divine. The ancient churches, which now make up the Parish of Central Exeter, have been places of prayer and worship for the citizens of Exeter, surrounding areas and visitors all this time and continue to witness to the presence of God today.

This prayer pilgrimage has been written and compiled by members of the parish. We offer it as a way to enable you to visit these ancient buildings as the places of prayer that they have always been. If you want to learn about the history of the churches, there are leaflets or displays in each church apart from St Mary Arches, but you may want to read those on another occasion.

The prayers are focused at different places within or around the buildings, though wordless silence is also, of course, a perfectly valid response. There is a map to show the route that the pilgrimage follows starting at St Stephen’s. However, it is not essential to begin there, nor is it necessary to do all the churches at one time. We offer you these words, though remember that the psalmist encourages us all to ‘Be still and know that I am God’ (Psalm 46:10a). May this be your experience today.


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