* We are pleased to announce that St Stephen’s Church, St Pancras’, St Petrock’s, St Olave’s and St Martin’s Church will be open daily for private prayer between 10am and 4pm during  JANUARY. 

Our services, although shorter and said, are continuing during lockdown.  The following are the services in the parish during JANUARY and FEBRUARY.

Sunday 30th January: Holy Communion at St Stephen’s at 10.30am

Sunday 6th February: Holy Communion at St Stephen’s at 10.30am

Sunday 13th February: BCP Communion at St Pancras at 8am

Sunday 20th February: Crossing Place at St Stephen’s at 10.30am

There is usually a lunchtime service in St Pancras’ twice a month at 12noon. The next services will be held on Thursday 3rd February and Thursday 17th February 2022.

St Petrock’s has re-opened and is open daily between 10am and 4pm.

See our Coronavirus Resources page for online worship tools. *

Our parish offers a range of services in a selection of our churches. On a regular basis we hold the following services:

St Stephen’s

On the first Sunday in the month there is a Holy Communion service which begins at 10.30am. On the third Sunday in the month there is an informal act of worship called ‘Crossing Place’ which begins at 10.30am.

St Pancras’

On the second Sunday in the month there is a Book of Common Prayer Communion service starting at 8am.

On some Thursdays there is a short communion service at 12noon.

St Olave’s

A Holy Communion service is held on the fourth Sunday in a month at 9.30am.

Occasionally our services vary so please see the Events page for our current programme.